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Happy 45th Birthday to Liv !


Liv is 45 year old Today (July 1st 2022)  :ohmy:

Happy Birthday dear Liv :beer: :shooter: :clap: :bounce2: :bounce1: :pcheerleader: :pcheerleader: :pcheerleader: :bounce3:

Angel Ríos:
Happy happy birthday to Liv! I hope she gets the happier birthday and happier year ever! :wub: :wub: :wub:  :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :) :) :)

Happy birthday to Livy! Love her so much! Hope she has an amazing day!

Bebe Buell:

--- Quote ---Happy Birthday to my wise little Buddha who even at a little over a month old, as in this picture, was filled with wisdom. She was such a good baby and rarely cried or fussed. She went with the flow like a beautiful river…
Happy Birthday, my dearest angel 👼… my only child and my heart ❤️ & soul… Mommy loves you. @misslivalittle #bebebuell
--- End quote ---

James Brown: (nice clip inside)

--- Quote ---Happy birthday to a beautiful person inside and out my favourite travel partner funniest person ever and someone I love immensely I’ll see you soon @misslivalittle ❤️🎉❤️#thebeatles #loveyou
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Happy birthday @misslivalittle Liv Tyler! An incredible performance that still inspires the best cosplay and encapsulates the deepest love. Thank you for bringing Arwen to life! #LOTR
--- End quote ---

Lucie de la Falaise:

--- Quote ---HBD🎈 Sweet Liv 💋♥️ @misslivalittle
--- End quote ---


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