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A nice article/interview with "That Thing You Do!" cast - The Ringer  :ohmy:

Angel Ríos:
Thank you! it's really nice these things are still coming up after all this time.  Like some That thing you do! interviews on youtube  :wub:

By the way, you can help me to understand this?

"Tom: When I met Liv, there was no difference in her talking to me to her reading the part. She has a line in the movie where Lenny says, "Maybe we should make a record." And Liv says, "Do you mean like a record record record?" That’s not the line, but it made total sense."

What is a record record record? I speak spanish and i fear this is beyond my english level  :'(

record = music album, or disco in Spanish (or so google translate says ... :P)

Wow great interview, they got just about everybody!  :bunny:

Angel, when Faye said that in the movie, it meant she was amazed by the idea of her friends being able to make a real professional record with a record company, as opposed to an amateur self-produced record. If you watch that scene, her intonation might make it easier to understand.

Angel Ríos:
Oh i remember! Yes, it makes completely sense watching it.

Thank you!


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