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--- Quote from: Rianon on November 24, 2020, 01:59:51 AM ---2020 is really bizarre year. Right now I'm recovering from covid. I got very lucky with it coz all I experienced was breathing problems and heartache. But still I can't waint till next monday, where I will be able to finally leave my flat for the first time in 3 weeks and go to work. I miss human interactions so much.  :(

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I hope you're feeling better now.

What an awful year. Hopefully, we'll get out of the second lockdown here in France on the 15 of december.

happy to meet you from chao yang chueh.

There are two doves nesting in one of the trees under our alfresco and Pepsi is obsessed. Just goes to show how much of a threat she is if they're prepared to nest right near where she lazes about all day lol

Angel RĂ­os:
Very sorry to read about that, Rianon. Hope you get fully recovered as soon as possible.

I recognize almost all of you by your nicknames, i remember to see them in the llt gallery updates  :pitie: :pitie: :pitie: :pitie:

Glad to see you still around here!

Hope you're feeling better soon, Rianon.

As for myself, things are a bit crazy. My wife's mother is going in for brain surgery in a few weeks, and her dad, who works for the merchant navy, has just left on a four month trip. I'm still looking for work after being made redundant during the first UK lockdown. Spending my time applying for jobs, writing and drawing. It's all a bit crazy.


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