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Liv to produce "Lucca"


A new project for Liv - as a producer - and maybe as an actress as well  :biggrin: , for movie adaption of the Novel "Lucca"
from The Hollywood Reporter:

--- Quote ---Liv Tyler is putting on her producer hat, optioning the movie rights to Lucca, a dramatic novel by Danish author Jens Christian Grondahl.

An international best-seller when it was published in 1998, follows a young actress named Lucca Montale through the aftermath of a brutal car accident that leaves her blind. Lonely, distraught, her life turned upside down and adjusting to her new set of circumstances, she develops a vulnerable and close friendship with Robert, a doctor who is recovering from a failed marriage and infidelity issues.

The book featured dual narrative that switched between Lucca’s and Robert’s perspectives, shifting between past and present to offer portraits of two damaged souls looking for belonging.

Tyler will produce via her banner, July Pictures. The actress read the book some years ago and reached out to Grondahl.

“I was touched by Lucca, her story remained in my imagination,” Tyler said in a statement to THR. “I was especially struck with how she managed to turn tragedy into opportunity by transforming herself and adapting to her new reality. Through her friendship with Robert, she found a way of being free within her limitation’s. To me, it’s a story about a woman’s emancipation.”

Stated Grondahl: “During our conversations it turned out that Liv and I are definitely on the same page. I was much impressed by her personal commitment and interpretation when we discussed this new project. I am really looking forward to this collaboration and am of course hoping Liv herself will play Lucca.”
--- End quote ---

Angel Ríos:
That sound as amazing project! I really hope she make the role of Lucca!  :wub: :wub: :wub:

Sounds like an internet film. Is there any word on release date?

That was over a year ago, no updates since then.


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