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Welcome! A Guide to the Forum
« on: December 02, 2020, 03:46:39 PM »
Welcome to the LLTPlace (Lovely Liv Tyler Place) Forum!

LLTPlace message board is the successor/remnant forum, the most active Liv Tyler community and one of the largest for any celebrity.
If you are visiting here as a guest, please register and become a member.
You can also login with your Gmail/Facebook/Twitter account.

As fellow Liv fans, we are happy to welcome you here and would like you to feel home here. We can see how daunting it can be for new people, having to try and find a place in our already well-established community. But our members are very nice and welcoming, and this message is here to reassure you and encourage you to take the first step to becoming an integral part of our community.

Forum Rules

Here are the rules for behavior in this forum. Members who break any of the forum rules (at the discretion of the moderators) will be given a warning via private message, or within the actual offending post or thread. In some cases we may have to ban a member, and the ban will then be permanent.

  • Do not:
    • spam
    • harass members
    • post vulgar, hateful or sexually-oriented material
    • post anything that is illegal in the U.S. or in your country
    • create multiple forum accounts
    • pretend you are Liv Tyler or a close acquaintance (if you are not!)
  • Please avoid:
    • political and religious debates which tend to create a bad atmosphere
    • giving out personal information about yourself (full name, home address, phone number), unless you are fully aware of what you are doing
    • posting more than one message in a row in each topic, if not warranted
    • starting new topics in the wrong section
    • starting new topics that have already been discussed before
    • posting messages in languages other than English
    • using an over-sized signature. The maximum allowed size for a signature image is 150 pixels in height. You can add to that 3 rows of text in a regular size font. If you do not use an image in your signature, you can write up to 7 rows in a regular size font
    • posting messages containing just smileys or a short sentence, unless it adds to the context
  • Please try to:
    • show respect for Liv and her fans!

Again, Welcome to the Forum, and Have Fun!