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Happy 44th Birthday to Liv !!

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July 1st 2021 - Liv is 44 years old - happy birthday  :beer: :beer: :drum: :syellow: :clap: :icecream:

Dear Liv - hope you'll have a great birthday, and a great year - be healthy and happy!

On a personal note - it is weird not to celebrate with a's special ... (21 years, 21 specials on a raw)

Omri/cmr  - always a fan, or not


It does feel weird without the LLT special! 

Angel Ríos:
Aaaaaw, i miss the specials  :'(

Anyway, i wish a very Happy Birthday to Liv   :beer: :beer: :beer:

from Bebe Buell:

--- Quote ---It’s my baby’s birthday! Happy Birthday my sweetest @misslivalittle 🥰♋️🥳👏🎂🎂#mommylovesyou❤️ #livtyler #bebebuell
--- End quote ---

from Steven Tyler:

--- Quote ---HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂 @misslivalittle … MY ALPHA PUP ❤️
--- End quote ---

photo by Katarina Benzova


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