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What's a forum without one of these bad boys?

How is everyone doing? What is everyone up to this week?  :D

This is so surreal, like a time warp! I love that you're here, B.  :)  As for what's on my mind... 2020 has been a very challenging year in a lot of ways, so I'm just looking forward to New Year's Eve, and hopefully a brighter 2021 for everybody.

2020 is really bizarre year. Right now I'm recovering from covid. I got very lucky with it coz all I experienced was breathing problems and heartache. But still I can't waint till next monday, where I will be able to finally leave my flat for the first time in 3 weeks and go to work. I miss human interactions so much.  :(


--- Quote ---Right now I'm recovering from covid
--- End quote ---
oh damn  :-\
hope you got it easy!! get well soon :)

How scary Rhianon! I hope you're feeling better now? I hope you enjoy your newfound freedom!

I am working from home half of this week as South Australia went into a lockdown at the end of this week, but has reverted back to standard restrictions. Which means we can only have half of the office in at a time. I like working from home, but it means I can't do my own work when I'm not in the office (just due to the nature of what my role entails), so I've fallen a bit behind and it's stressing me out. But oh well, these are unprecedented times and it's completely out of my control!

We have been lucky to remain so far untouched by Covid. Both Sebastian and I had a case of whooping cough earlier this year (which we thought might have been Covid, but thankfully not), and he had Strep Throat a couple of weeks ago. What a year to come down with flu-like diseases!

Oh well, the cat certainly likes us working from home lol


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